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Designer central fireplaces

Central fireplaces are the essence of our creations

Central fireplaces are the essence of our creations

The idea at the heart of Jean Claude Bordelet’s first creation was a metal fireplace suspended in the centre of a room with a completely open firebox. That is how it was envisaged, and sketched.
Later, to improve efficiency and performance, those models were enclosed with glass panes which preserved the 360° view of the flames.

The soul of your home

Its central location lets you organise your life around your fireplace, which is somewhat reminiscent of a primitive shelter and taps into what remains of our ancestral herd instinct. Yet this welcoming, pleasant, comforting fireplace remains ultra modern in design.
Metal was the only choice, due to its untreated, cold aspect which beautifully contrasts with its intended usage, having undergone shaping, colouring and heating to transform it.
This simple concept of a central metal fireplace and our designer vision continue to feed our passion and drive our teams, from whose hands have sprung countless designs in the past 40 years.

Design fireplaces selection

– Marina 993 Color design central fireplace
– Zelia 908 brute vernis design central fireplace
– Julietta 985 design central fireplace