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central gas fireplace
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Presentation & history

The EVA 992 GAZ fireplace will be ideal for a pleasant fire, enjoying simple maintenance without having to worry about storing logs. In addition to its pure lines and its quality flame, its ease of use and maintenance make it ideal for public places: restaurants, hotels, lounges, bars, spas, wine bars, etc. The EVA 992 GAZ fireplace brings life to the space where it is installed. Its magic allows it to deliver an instantaneous flame, offering an unparalleled vision of the flame. It provides its user with modern comfort, aesthetics and ease of use. The EVA 992 GAZ fireplace is offered as standard with a ceiling height of 250 cm, but its height can be adjusted to the wishes and environments of each future user. In addition to being watertight, the appliance can operate on natural gas, butane or propane, offering great freedom of installation. - Available in a central or wall-mounted version for even more possibilities, its large firebox and its unaltered view of the fire make it a unique product on the market.

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central gas fireplace


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