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Seguin Group

Une histoire de flammes

Groupe Seguin has more than 120 people working in Seguin head company in the Auvergne region and its 2 production units: JC Bordelet (in Montpellier, FR) and Axis steel fireboxes (in Belley, FR).
Groupe Seguin has a strong network of 150 dealers in France and worldwide (80 are exclusive partners), active on all the segments of the market, providing high quality products in technology and design.

A dedicated training center

Unique in the business, and inaugurated on September 2016 in Randan, the 500m² training center is entirely dedicated to the products of the group, their installation, use and maintenance. As a strong pillar of development, the center will host this year more than 500 salespersons, technicians and installers. Thus our end customers can be assured of a high level of expertise and professionalism from our dealers and installers. Group Seguin and our dealers have established strong relations based on confidence and a long-term approach. They remain professional craftspeople and guarantee expertise in Group Seguin products and installations.