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EVA 992

Central color fireplace with glass enclosure metallic base
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  • Made in french Made in french
  • WoodWood

Presentation & history

This signature model of Jean-Claude BORDELET's designer will find its place in your living room. Made to measure by our journeymen boilermakers, you will have a unique model, entirely made by a single person, and you will be able to choose its colour from a choice of 180 colours. Lacquering a fireplace with such lines requires precision and unique know-how. The design is made even more unique by the fact that we assemble 2 hoods to make a fireplace in such a way as to ensure a 5 year guarantee on the paintwork. The fireplace becomes a unique piece in the centre of your living room, an essential element of your decoration. The base is also finished in steel to make it easy and pleasant to use. All you have to do is strike a match to hear and see the magic of the fire. The light of the flames is visible on 360 degrees, a unique and enchanting spectacle. The Eva Color model is installed in many large hotels and high end homes around the world. By making this choice you will make your home even more beautiful.

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central color fireplace with glass enclosure metallic base


  • Combustiblewood, Bois