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Central fireplace with glass enclosure
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Presentation & history

The hood is the starting point for each of Jean Claude Bordelet's fireplaces. Our know-how in boiler making and metal work allows us to imagine amazing shapes. We could call ourselves "metal potters" since we use similar techniques with a hard material, steel. There is no limit to the shapes of metal, the Alexia 995 hood is proof of this. Jean Claude BORDELET had imagined a bottle shape when he designed it, perhaps a Languedoc bottle, as the workshops are very close to the vineyards. This hood requires our boilermakers to work with real precision on such thick steel, once the shape is given a long manual sanding process is necessary to achieve a perfect finish. The aesthetic balance of this fireplace is achieved by a perfectly assumed XXL base. Like most JC BORDELET fireplaces, it will be suspended after a personalised study by our design office. You will thus be able to benefit from a very large view of the flames and have in your interior an original fireplace unique in its style and design.

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central fireplace with glass enclosure


  • DimensionsØ 118 cm
  • Size max log50 cm
  • Combustiblewood, Bois