How do you clean the windows of a JC BORDELET fireplace?

The glass requires regular cleaning with special products intended for this purpose. The special product must be applied using a soft cloth and not directly onto the glass. JC BORDELET fireplaces have been designed to reduce the soiling of windows as far as possible. Using high quality wood will also help keep soiling to a minimum.

The fireplaces have been designed to make cleaning of the windows (swinging or sliding) easier, depending on the shape and model of your chosen designer stove or fireplace.

What types of wood should be used in a JC BORDELET fireplace?

BORDELET wood-burning fireplaces are only designed to burn logs. To obtain proper, efficient and clean combustion, you should not exceed a wood load of 11 kg.

We recommend you use dry wood with maximum moisture content of 20% to optimise combustion to reduce deposits and soiling, both in the appliance itself and in the duct. High quality wood significantly reduces the release of particles into the atmosphere. The wetter the wood, the less efficient the combustion process is and the lower the efficacy of the appliance.

All hardwoods produce good embers and a longer-lasting fire (hornbeam, oak, ash, birch, elm, beech).

White and resinous woods with looser fibres create more flames but fewer embers, they also burn much more quickly (fir, pine, poplar and linden).

Do wood-burning stoves or fireplaces create pollution?

JC BORDELET has been working for many years on the design of its stoves and fireplaces, it also upgrades them on a regular basis to minimise their impact on the environment.

Internal testing and inspections by certified laboratories have demonstrated that JC BORDELET designer stoves and fireplaces have one of the best and cleanest combustion processes available on the market. JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves are therefore elegant, efficient and environmentally friendly.

How much do JC BORDELET fireplaces weigh?

The average weight of JC BORDELET fireplaces is between 100 and 250 kg for a standard ceiling height of 2.50 meters.

Even though their weight may seem significant, JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves can be installed anywhere. The design office therefore creates special fasteners for each model so that they can be adapted to the home and the installation location.

The weight will vary depending on the ceiling height of the room in which the fireplace is installed. Fully suspended fireplaces always weigh slightly more than models with bases.

What is the footprint of a JC BORDELET designer fireplace or wood-burning stove?

JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves are both decorative and highly effective for heating purposes. Made from thick steel, your fireplace will provide gentle warmth throughout a large area of your home through diffusion by radiation. The large windows in JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves are also excellent heat exchangers.

For a house built before 2012, the basis for calculating the need could be 1 kW per 10 m2, for a ceiling height of 2.50 metres. This calculation is variable and depends on many factors such as insulation, the exposure of the house, the quality of the wood or the position of the fireplace.
To calculate the power needed you can use tools like the one below:


Lastly, a professional installer of JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves will be able to answer any questions you have.

Can you regulate the combustion rate of designer wood-burning stoves and fireplaces?

Stoves and fireplaces are beautiful decorative objects which can provide great enjoyment, but they must also be functional to create comfort and to meet different requirements. JC BORDELET has therefore developed a heat and combustion regulation system that is both effective and easy to use.

The air inlet is adjusted by adjusting the inlet handle located on the door of the ash drawer or on the lower part of the front. The nozzle valve and air inlet valve are used to regulate the combustion rate.

Do wood-burning stoves and fireplaces provide sufficient heat by themselves?

All JC BORDELET wood-burning stoves and fireplaces with closed hearths have excellent performance ratings. However, due to the nature of the fuel, a fireplace or stove cannot be used as the primary heating system. If there is no fuel in the house, the fireplace cannot be reloaded.

The availability of fuel determines whether you use the main heating system or the backup system. It is therefore very important to have good quality insulation in the house. The performance figures for our fireplaces are for guidance only and post-test comparisons refer to optimal conditions (installation, insulation and fuel).

The values recorded under standard conditions may vary if the conditions of installation and use are not equivalent to our test conditions.

What are the differences between open and closed hearths in terms of heating and cleaning?

Since 2006, JC BORDELET has been developing a range of closed-hearth fireplaces and stoves, in addition to its traditional open-hearth products. The goal is to generate better energy efficiency and heat recovery. Closed hearths concentrate more heat within the heating body of the fireplace through the presence of windows and the air inlet regulation system.

Closed hearths significantly reduce the presence of ash through more complete combustion, and therefore facilitate maintenance. However, this requires that the windows are cleaned on a regular basis. An open fireplace provides direct warmth close to the fireplace, as well as the gentle crackling of a wood fire.

Cleaning open fireplaces is far easier as they are very accessible. However, they can produce dust. JC BORDELET open hearths provide an average performance of 30%, compared to 80% for closed hearths.

How much do JC BORDELET wood-burning fireplaces and stoves cost?

All our models are hand-made and personalised at our manufacturing workshop located in France, in Vendargues in the Hérault (34).Your JC BORDELET designer wood-burning fireplace or stove will therefore be a unique piece.

Your stove or fireplace must be costed by one of our partner dealers, who will study the installation and the recommendations for the flue if you do not already have one. An installation inspection and study by our experts will enable us to give you an accurate estimate for your project.

Does JC BORDELET install their wood-burning stoves and fireplaces?

With a network of professional advisers and installers available throughout France and abroad, a dedicated person will be assigned to your project. Our fireplaces and stoves must be installed according to the regulations and our recommendations in order to guarantee optimal operation. When choosing a JC BORDELET partner distributor, you receive quality of craftsmanship which is maintained through ongoing training at our training centre.  

In France, fireplaces must be installed in accordance with the NF DTU 24.1 standard.

Are JC BORDELET wood-burning fireplaces and stoves delivered assembled?

JC BORDELET fireplaces and wood stoves are delivered in several parts (hood, base and extensions, depending on the height and attachments). The installer is responsible for installing the various elements according to the assembly plans established and supplied by JC BORDELET for each model of fireplace.

Are JC BORDELET wood-burning stoves and fireplaces covered by guarantees?

JC BORDELET pays particular attention to the quality of its production processes. Checks are carried out on a regular basis throughout the manufacturing process in order to guarantee excellence.

Your fireplace will be guaranteed for 5 years. Refer to the instructions for ways to extend the service life, such as regular maintenance and the use of high quality wood. These will guarantee that your wood-burning fireplace or stove last as long as possible.

Does JC BORDELET handle maintenance and repairs?

It is important to understand that in France, sweeping is compulsory twice a year: once during the heating season and one at the end of the season.

The professional installer will take care of maintenance and any repairs if necessary, based on the advice of the manufacturer JC BORDELET.

What is the delivery time for a JC BORDELET fireplace?

JC BORDELET stoves and fireplaces are unique pieces hand-crafted at our artisan workshop based in Vendargues in the Hérault (34). Our 25 qualified employees use all their expertise in the construction of your unique fireplace.

The average time is 12 weeks, but this can be extended up to 20 weeks during the winter months and depending on the customisation required.

Does my JC BORDELET fireplace need to be swept like other products?

Mechanical chimney sweeping twice a year is compulsory in France. The sweeping of JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves is simplified by the size of the hearth and the quality of combustion. The use of high quality fuel is also particularly important.

What is the price range of JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves?

Between € 6000 and € 15,000 excl. VAT. All our designer fireplaces are unique pieces which have been hand-crafted according to your requirements. (Prices are for guidance only and exclude installation, the flue and accessories).

Can I install a JC BORDELET fireplace in a bedroom, on a veranda or outdoors?

JC BORDELET fireplaces can be installed in any room of your house. Our design office and professional installers can provide you with all the advice you need to select the best location for your JC BORDELET stove or fireplace.

We can also adapt our paints for outdoor installation under cover. You can also look at our Outdoor range.

How long will JC BORDELET fireplaces and stoves last?

Since 1975, our stoves and fireplaces have become timeless thanks to their shape and the materials used. These will guarantee that your stove or fireplace will have a very long life span. The life span will also depend greatly on the care given to the product: installation by a professional, type of wood used and regular sweeping.

What precautions should be taken with open fireplaces?

Never leave a fire unattended, especially if you have small children. For extra safety, place a guard screen in front of open fireplaces to stop flying embers and sparks.
Avoid placing carpets or curtains too close to the fire to reduce fire risks.

How much floor space do I need to install my wood-burning stove?

To install a designer fireplace made by JC BORDELET, we recommend a minimum room size of 30m². However, the larger the room the better.