10 Mar 2020

EVA 992 Gaz – The Fire Pleasure

Know-How and Expertise

JC Bordelet’s know-how and expertise have enabled it to become a benchmark player in the design and manufacture of metal fireplaces. Modern design techniques require boldness and conviction in defying convention. In 1976, the designer Jean Claude Bordelet was involved in the study and manufacture of fireplaces and quickly became a leading designer, combining an interesting use of colour with a mastery of metalworking techniques. The philosophy has not changed since those early days: sobriety, innovation, know-how and reliability are all leitmotifs that have established the company as a benchmark in the industry.
A fireplace must be functional, but it must also reflect your personality and your sense of aesthetics. JC Bordelet represents a benchmark in terms of quality of manufacturing and finish for contemporary
fireplaces. Originality of design, daring colours, purity of lines, the company has been resolutely non-conformist for over 40 years. Fireplaces are expertly painted and lacquered at our specialist workshop, enabling us to offer exceptional finishes and a palette of 180 colours.

EVA 992 Gaz

The EVA 992 GAS fireplace is ideal for cosy evenings and providing comfortable warmth. It is also easy to maintain and there is no need to store logs.
In addition to its clean lines and its quality flame, its ease of use and simple maintenance make it an ideal unit for public places: restaurants, hotels, lounges, bars, spas, wine bars…
The EVA 992 GAS fireplace brings rooms to life wherever it is installed. It magically delivers an instant flame, providing gentle, uniform warmth. Owners will enjoy modern comfort and excellent aesthetics and ease of use. The EVA 992 GAS fireplace is supplied as standard for ceiling heights of 250 cm, but the height is adjustable as desired depending on the setting.
In addition to being airtight, the unit can use Natural gas, Butane and Propane, offering a great deal of freedom as to where it can be installed.
– Nominal heating power: 8.2 kW, Performance: 78.5% with Natural gas
– Nominal heating power: 7.0 kW, Performance: 77.7% with Butane/Propane
Available in both standalone and wall-mounted versions, the hearth is large in size to provide unobstructed views of the fire. In short, it is a unique product in the marketplace.

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