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LEA 998

Wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure
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  • Made in french Made in french
  • WoodWood
  • AEnergy

Presentation & history

The Léa wall-mounted fireplace is perfect for discreetly admiring the flame. Your interior is furnished with exquisite taste, you prefer precious furniture and an open space? Your furnishings allow you to create a warm space near a wall and you absolutely want to preserve your decoration by avoiding dust deposits? The Lea wall-mounted fireplace is made for you! Equipped with a glass that retains the ashes, it ensures total cleanliness. Its flue, leaning against your wall, will not clash with your decoration. On the contrary, your fireplace itself becomes a decorative object. With its pure and elegant design, it fits perfectly into your interior design and enhances your wall. It allows you to create the discreet and cosy atmosphere of your dreams. This suspended steel fireplace fits harmoniously into your decor. With Léa, you are assured of a discreet and refined fireplace.

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wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure


Technical informations
  • DimensionsØ 70 cm / 60 cm
  • Size max log33 cm
  • Combustiblewood, Bois
  • Seasonal Energetic Effectiveness69 %
  • Nominal power12 kW
  • Yield79 %
  • CO rate0,09 %
  • Particle emission16 mg/Nm3
  • IPEE0,4
  • Internal minimum duct section200 mm