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12 Oct 2018


The NB House – Miha Cebulj Arhitektura - Slovenia

The NB House – Miha Cebulj Arhitektura

The “NB House” looks out over the smallest valley of Slovenj Gradec, a small town in Carinthia, in northern Slovenia. It is the result of the work of the architecture office Miha Čebulj, which at first sight assumes its resolutely different nature.

Architectural heritage

Marking a stopping point to Slovenian modernism, it retains only the best of this architectural heritage, wanting to find its reason for being in search of its own autonomy.
She fully assumes her bold style, as if to dictate her own rules.

Omnipresent curves

The interior, with its omnipresent wood and its curves being lost at the bottom of the building, seems straight out of the marine world. The passive house hosts a JC Bordelet fireplace Léa 998 central on pedestal, which rises through the mezzanine, as the ship’s mast.
The exterior, on the contrary, is an assemblage of sharp, irregularly broken surfaces. The contrast thus created is extremely organic, the house is like a shell that protects its little inner world.

Project Name: House NB
Investor: Private
Photos: Janez Marolt, MCA Archives
Location: Podgorje near Slovenj Gradec
Year: 2017
Project author: MCA – Miha Čebulj Arhitektura (

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