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Presentation & history

The suspended central fireplace Calista 917 is the last JC Bordelet creation. Designed a space capsule, she is available with a triple-wall pipe, making the Calista 917 fully airtight. Its double sided viewing area allows a wide vision of the fire anywhere from the room. Single sided or double sided, 1 or 2 glass doors, the Calista 917 answers to the requirements of our planet and the confort of our customers.

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central woodburning fireplace


Technical informations
  • DimensionsØ 79 cm
  • Size max log33 cm
  • Seasonal Energetic Effectiveness65 %
  • Nominal power9,3 kW
  • Yield75 %
  • CO rate0,09 %
  • Particle emission35 mg/Nm3
  • Internal minimum duct section150 mm