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Presentation & history

Jean Claude Bordelet always wanted to make fireplaces where the fire is the focus. The Julietta 985 wall-mounted fireplace was one of the first models under the JC Bordelet brand. Its large brick hearth - which helps radiate heat, makes cleaning easier and boosts the fireplace’s durability - and its metal hood - which both flares and tapers - perfectly showcase the view of the fire and flames. When drafting charcoal sketches of his designs, Jean Claude Bordelet always kept in mind his desire to create a product with fine, elegant lines. The level of difficulty in making it could not be an obstacle. His designs were purely inspired by the fire’s place and the correct proportions. The Julietta 985 is a source of inspiration for many other manufacturers, but no replica has yet come close to rivalling the original.

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mural fireplace


  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 28 cm