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Central fireplace with glass enclosure
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Presentation & history

Jean Claude Bordelet named his first metal fireplace model, the Julietta 985, after its year of creation: 1985. Initially designed as an open fireplace, we have since added our expertise in wood combustion performance. This fireplace, with its wide view of the fire, is ideal for the centre of your lounge. Your room will become a great entertaining and relaxation space for the entire family. The heat radiates through the metal hood and glass panes. You’ll love using your Julietta 985 fireplace every day thanks to its easy cleaning with the glass sweeping system that minimises any blackening, its large built-in ash pit for emptying out the ashes, and its ability to hold large logs and burn longer without intervention.

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central fireplace with glass enclosure


Technical informations
  • Nominal power15 kW
  • Yield77.0%
  • CO rate0,27 %
  • To comply with the standardEN 13240
  • Green flame4 (*Donnée à titre indicatif, seul le site Flamme Verte fait foi.)
  • IPEE1,7
  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 25 cm