design fireplaces JC Bordelet ZELIA 908
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Screen-printed glass-enclosed central fireplace
  • Closed fireplacesClosed fireplaces
  • Made in french Made in french
  • WoodWood
  • AEnergy

Presentation & history

The Zelia 908 suspended central fireplace is remarkably elegant. Its refined design adds a modern touch to your home. Suspended in the centre of your living room, this fireplace delivers optimal comfort and an opulent atmosphere. Its design exudes an aesthetic imbued with a lightness that suits all tastes. With no base, a completely circular firebox radiating heat and a delicate design, this fireplace saves space and provides a magnificent panoramic view of the flames. The Zelia fireplace can be adjusted to fit your room’s ceiling height and can also be adapted to the configuration of your ducts and roof slope. This charmingly original fireplace will become a centrepiece in your home. This top-end fireplace with its decidedly modern style also features high output to quickly and effectively heat large spaces. It has been awarded the Flamme Verte 7-star certification which confirms its high quality, efficiency and performance both in terms of energy and the environment. The closed firebox of this metal fireplace makes it safe to use thanks to the glass-ceramic panes. With its understated design and screen-printing, the Zelia 908 is one of the best suspended fireplaces designed to date.

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central fireplace silk-screen printed glasses


Technical informations
  • Nominal power11 kW
  • Yield80.2%
  • CO rate0,08 %
  • Particle emission38 mg/Nm3
  • To comply with the standardEN 13240
  • Green flame7 (*Donnée à titre indicatif, seul le site Flamme Verte fait foi.)
  • IPEE0,5
  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 23 cm