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Central fireplace color with glass enclosure
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  • Made in french Made in french
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Presentation & history

Unveiled at the 2013 Paris Expo, the Zelia 908 colour fireplace is shown here in flamboyant orange (RAL 2004). With its dual aluminium hood in glossy Pure Orange #2004 RAL and closed firebox in matte charcoal grey metal with 4 panes (including 2 hinged panes for ease of access), this fireplace’s finish is simply breathtaking. JC Bordelet is the only company in the world today that knows how to work metal with such purity and lightness, creating a natural aesthetic reminiscent of a water droplet. Dare to choose colour and stand out. Start your journey today with JC Bordelet.

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Zelia 908 central color fireplace

How to light a fire in a JC Bordelet fireplace

central fireplace color with glass enclosure


Technical informations
  • Nominal power11 kW
  • Yield80.2%
  • CO rate0,08 %
  • Particle emission38 mg/Nm3
  • To comply with the standardEN 13240
  • Green flame7 (*Donnée à titre indicatif, seul le site Flamme Verte fait foi.)
  • IPEE0,5
  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 23 cm