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Benefits of a suspended fireplace

Suspended fireplaces are stylish

Suspended fireplaces are stylishn

A suspended fireplace sits well above the usual standards. This designer fireplace category has no base, meaning it delivers genuine originality. That makes it a completely unique decorative feature in your home.
We have several suspended fireplace models available to suit your interior.
Suspended fireplaces adapt to your home. Choose from a range of types:
By position (central, wall-mounted or corner)
By design
By firebox type (open or closed)
By fuel (wood or gas)
These criteria determine your choice of suspended fireplace. The efficiency and use will differ depending on the criteria you choose.

Suspended fireplaces heat efficiently

Our suspended fireplaces boast many advantages in addition to their design and impressive aesthetics, namely their ability to efficiently heat your home. In fact, the fireplace flue and hood help by radiating heat to the entire room through convection. For central models, that heat is radiated a full 360°.

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Treat yourself to elegance without compromising on performance with a JC Bordelet modern suspended fireplace.