Some configurations of flues special adaptation pieces.
Refer to the examples below.

Technical information

The fireplaces are delivered with grates, ash containers, flue valves, and cast iron plates for mural and corner models.

All models are presented with a height under ceiling of 250 cm (98 in). The height is adjustable according to your requirements, flues and roof slopes.

Paint: resistant to high temperatures. 6 colors: Anthracite Grey, Metallic Black, Intense Black, Metallic Chocolate, Intense Chocolate, Rosy-Brown.

A double hood is necessary for lacquered fireplaces. We propose a selection of 180 different colors from the RAL chart. This option is not available on all the models (contact us)

Models with glasses: vitro-ceramic glasses

Possibility to order the hood only

The glass plate are composed of 3 elements (24 mm thickness).

Base: choice of bricks (grey or beige), possibility to replace the bricks by others materials (contact us)