Floating fireplace

Floating fireplace

Why should you choose a floating fireplace?

In comparison with a wall fireplace, a floating fireplace will enable you to customize further your living-room. All our products have been designed and manufactured to answer your demands, in order to provide you elegant and outstanding floating fireplaces.

There’s no denying that such a product will enhance your living-room in a way you had never imagined. Thanks to a welcoming and custom design, each floating fireplace is meant to embellish your room, you can find further information on the matter below.


Which factors should you consider to choose your floating fireplace?

Before selecting a potential floating fireplace, several factors should be taken into account. First, you should think about the position of your fireplace (in the center of your living-room, in corners…) as well as its design, by defining the type of material (metal, steel, wood, stone…). You should also consider the type of fuel you will have to select (wood, gas…)

You can find further technical information about our floating fireplaces via this link.


Selection of our floating fireplaces

You can find a selection of our floating fireplaces below:

Floating fireplace JULIETTA 985 Suspended fireplace ZELIA 908 Wall fireplace EVA 992 Suspended fireplace TATIANA 997

Floating fireplace JULIETTA 985 

Floating fireplace ZELIA 908

Floating fireplace LEA 998

Floating fireplace TATIANA 997


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