design fireplaces JC Bordelet LINEA 914


central fireplace with glass enclosure

You can only design simplicity after studying complexity - Gaston Bachelard.

Loyal to the brand’s spirit, this original design follows in the footsteps of the models that made JC Bordelet’s workshops famous.
Simple, pure lines, with elegance and an understated style. Springing from an idea and a pencil stroke, the decidedly beautiful Linea 914 fireplace is a central model with an extremely elegant shape, packed with all of JC Bordelet’s expertise and technical skill.

Nominal output : 11 kW

Efficiency : 80.2%

CO Rate : 0,08%

Particles emission (mg/Nm3) : 38 mg/Nm3

Minimum internal diameter of the flue : Ø 23 cm

In compliance with : EN 13240

design fireplaces JC Bordelet scheme LINEA 914