Contemporary fireplace

Choose your contemporary fireplace with JC Bordelet

A fireplace is no longer only considered as a source of heat. Indeed, a fireplace is now seen as a way to embellish your living-room, thanks to a custom and stunning design.

According to the size and design of your living-room, our team of experts can advise you on the best way to enhance your room via a contemporary fireplace. Whether you are looking for a wall or a suspended fireplace, JC Bordelet can provide you a stunning contemporary fireplace, you can find examples of our products via this link.

An efficient and design contemporary fireplace for your living-room

Aside the design aspect, the technical specifications also have to be considered to choose the right fireplace. Thus, you can compare several features between our several contemporary fireplaces such as nominal output, efficiency, CO Rate, particles emission and more.

Please note that our contemporary fireplaces are manufactured according to advanced and cutting-edge techniques that enable us to provide you efficient and stunning products.

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Contemporary fireplace EVA 992 Wall fireplace LEA 998 Contemporary fireplace CAMILIA 984 Wall fireplace JULIETTA 985

Contemporary fireplace EVA

Contemporary fireplace JULIETTA

Contemporary fireplace CAMILIA

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