Benefits of having a suspended fireplace at home

Suspended fireplaces are stunning!

A suspended fireplace can make all the difference in the heart of your living room. Besides warming your house over the winter, a suspended fireplace can also glorify your interior with an undeniable charm and a lot of originality.


Different types of suspended fireplaces to match your interior

A suspended fireplace can really match your interior design. In order to choose the best fireplace for your home, different things are to consider:

  • The position of the fireplace (in the middle of a room, against a wall or in a corner)
  • The design (the shapes and the colors)
  • The type of hearth
  • The fuel (wood, gas)

According to your choice, the heat output of your suspended fireplace can vary. You can of course check all technical specifications about our fireplaces on our product information sheets.


A suspended fireplace can heat your home efficiently

One of the main assets of a suspended fireplace is definitely its ability to keep your home warm thanks to a good heat distribution.

Find your suspended fireplace among the large range of JC Bordelet modern fireplaces

Suspended fireplace LINEA 914 Suspended fireplace ZELIA 908 Wall fireplace EVA 992 Suspended fireplace TATIANA 997

Suspended fireplace LINEA 914

Suspended fireplace ZELIA 908

Suspended fireplace LEA 998

Suspended fireplace TATIANA 997