design fireplaces JC Bordelet EVA 992
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EVA 992

Central color fireplace with glass enclosure base with bricks
  • Closed fireplacesClosed fireplaces
  • Made in french Made in french
  • WoodWood
  • AEnergy

Presentation & history

A modern suspended fireplace. Winter has arrived and you want a fireplace to heat you up? This suspended fireplace with its elegant, modern design, gently warms your home. As an innovative designer, JC Bordelet breathes a modern, artistic spirit into this white gloss fireplace to make it a genuine interior decor feature. Filled with voluptuous curves, it exudes a relaxed, warm atmosphere in the centre of your living room. Its extremely low CO and particle emission levels help maintain air quality. Not only is it highly effective, it is also highly secure. Central fireplaces: a ground-breaking, contemporary design. The colour glass-enclosed suspended central fireplace with brick hearth is available in a wide range of sublime colours. It features glass-ceramic panes made in three sections, with each measuring 24mm thick. This closed fireplace, where a winter’s fire slowly burns, reveals itself to your gaze and delivers a feeling of wellbeing. You will love basking by the fire in a comfy armchair while reading a book or simply relaxing. Metal - unchanging yet trendy - gives this creation a stylish look and stunning lustre.

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Central color fireplace with glass enclosure base with bricks


Technical informations
  • Nominal power11 kW
  • Yield80,2 %
  • CO rate0,08 %
  • Particle emission38 mg/Nm3
  • To comply with the standardEN 13240
  • Green flame7 (*Donnée à titre indicatif, seul le site Flamme Verte fait foi.)
  • IPEE0,5
  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 25 cm