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LEA 998

Wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure
  • Closed fireplacesClosed fireplaces
  • Made in french Made in french
  • WoodWood
  • A+Energy

Presentation & history

The Lea wall-mounted fireplace: a discreet way to enjoy a fire In this tastefully-decorated antique Haussmann-style interior, the decision was made to create a warm corner near a large window. The dark wall creates a unique perception of the space and enhances the snug feel of this small living room, in contrast to the light-filled adjoining room: a busy space which features the outside world. Here, the Lea 998 wall-mounted fireplace blends in with the background. Only its firebox and flames stand out, appearing to float in the air as if by magic. Everything here helps create a relaxing space away from it all, where you can enjoy watching time slip by: the light, imperceptibly changing shadow interplays, contrasts, natural materials, wood, marble, the fireplace’s metal...

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wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure


Technical informations
  • Nominal power9,8 kW
  • Yield81.7%
  • CO rate0,11 %
  • Particle emission29 mg/Nm3
  • To comply with the standardEN 13240
  • Green flame7 (*Donnée à titre indicatif, seul le site Flamme Verte fait foi.)
  • IPEE0,5
  • Internal minimum duct sectionØ 20 cm