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Wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure – Paco Rabanne
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Presentation & history

The black and white stripes of the Zebra have always, like the Yin and the Yang of ancient Chinese symbols, referred to the duality of the universe: masculine and feminine, sun and moon, heaven and hearth. Let duality enter your home... PACO RABANNE was born on February the 18th 1934 in the Spanish Basque country. Refugee in France since he was 5 years old, he then carried on his studies and in 1952 entered the National Art School: he specialized in Architecture. He is stimulated by, what he calls, the “dual look”: always interested in the “object” and its “raison d’être”. This is how on February the 1st 1966, he presented “twelve experimental and unwearable dresses made of contemporary materials” worn by black models on Boulez music. He is continually seeking for new materials, changing them from their original function: rhodoid, metal, plastic, coat of mail, knitted fur... Audacity and innovation are his key words expressing the trends of his Time. Environment friendly before anyone else, he always declares his attachment to the respect and the protection of Nature. Paco Rabanne’s long-lasting friendship towards Antoine de Galembert leads audaciously to the creation of this unexpected Collection of Fireplaces.

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wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure - Paco Rabanne