design fireplaces JC Bordelet EVA 992

EVA 992

central fireplace

The Eva central fireplace: the beating heart of your home

Who hasn’t dreamed of creating a living room with a central fireplace at its heart? A relaxed yet elegant space, where life is good and you can forget about your worries while immersing yourself in the spectacle of the fireplace’s dancing red flames. With its clean design, discreet firebox and exceptional finish, the Eva central fireplace is the perfect designer model to heat your home. Its open firebox makes it easy to add more wood. You can hear the embers crackling and feel the fire’s beneficial heat filling the room.

This is the heart and soul of your home. Our Eva central fireplace blends into your interior while enhancing it. This designer fireplace boasts 8.5 kW of output and nearly 31% efficiency. It also cares for the environment and the air you breathe, emitting only 0.43% CO. It will become the driving force for your interior decoration choices, putting a smile on your face as you update your living room to match the Eva’s clean lines. Drawing your gaze upwards, this fireplace amplifies your interior and creates warm, inviting winter nights.

Nominal output : 8.5 kw

Efficiency : 30.9%

CO Rate : 0,43 %

Minimum internal diameter of the flue : Ø 28 cm

In compliance with : EN 13229

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